i made a storenvy and ill have stuff in it some time next week yall better buy my stuff itll make me happy

does anyone else call their bf daddy or is it just me

starsdancez said: Just restart your laptop mine does that sometimes

i did and now photoshop wont even open

megi what hav eU DONE



#but pls wake up

guys starsdancez slowdownss jelenacruisin

i miss our group chats and yall and i got sad a few days ago bc of it

« do you have rares » — Anonymous

not for yall =]

i cant gif because of this, can some of my photoshop wiz friends help me please

what do i do so i can import videos frames to layers 

« we would be getting turnt as hell right now to icona pop and sky waiting for miley ughhh whyyyyy :( » — Anonymous


« would you do those edits when someone says celebrity vs celebrity in your ask and you post edits saying who you like over the other? » — Anonymous

maybe bc I think I know what you’re talking about but yeah I will whenever anyone asks

« can you post psds or tutorials » — Anonymous

yeah if you guys tell me what you want and I’ll do my best to

« I was supposed to go to her concert tonight too I feel your pain bby » — Anonymous

It sucks blah

how pathetic of me to actually be crying bc she cancelled the show

Looks like she’ll be canceling the show tonight unless there’s some miracle

« I saw Miley twice! Her show is amazing! » — Anonymous

Ok brag some more

« I am seriously going to cry if miley cancels tomorrow 😭 » — Anonymous

same :( especially bc she isn’t rescheduling the cancelled dates